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El Castillo del Cacao

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Chocolate bars

We sell five different 125 gram chocolate bars:

  • Puro Chocolate fifty percent pure, organic, chocolate taste in the bar form. As delicious as you imagine.
  • ChocoCacao the same high concentration of cacao as in Puro Chocolate but with nibs of Cacao in it. Crunch for you, and for gods.
  • Chocolate con almendras
  • our quality chocolate with tasty almonds in it to tease your taste buds.
  • Chocolate con café y marañón still the same chocolate, but now with a touch of café espresso for the taste and with chunked cashew for the sensation, and the taste of course.
  • Chocolate con naranja A lovely chocolate bar that combines the taste of citrus through the candied orange and our chocolate

chocolate bars


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